Waxing Poetic: Cold Wax and Oil Painting

Waxing Poetic: Cold Wax and Oil Painting – taught by Lori Roll

Oct. 2, 2021 11:00am – 4pm 

Cost is $85 and supplies are included

In this dynamic class, students will explore the use of cold wax medium mixed with oil paints to create expressive representational or abstract art works.
All levels are welcome, although a knowledge of color mixing and composition is helpful.  Please wear old clothes or an apron, and bring snacks and water.
This class is for adults including high school age.  Minimum is 4 and max is 10.  Sign up before September 15.   For questions: lori2roll@gmail.com

October 3, 2020

About Lori Roll: Lori Roll learned about art, color and composition by observing nature and as a student of photography at the University of Tulsa where she earned her B.A. in Journalism/P.R. She has worked with jewelry, collage, pottery, acrylic and oil painting and has sold her work at galleries in Maine and Oklahoma. Lori teaches with a hands-on approach to learning, encouraging students to step outside their comfort zones to explore and implement new creative skills. She teaches at BAA and Waterworks Art Center in Tulsa and sells her work in Bartlesville, Tulsa and on Instagram.

Cold Wax and Oil with Lori Roll


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