Handbuilding with Clay Class - Butter Dish

Taught by Sheetal Kulkarni

We will be making butter dish/ keeper to hold big butter bar with hand building technique. This is advanced technique class for those who have done clay class before. On the second week we will clean and stain and glaze the product to fire. Product will be functional and can be used in day to day use.

Adults (including high school age)
Intermediate & advanced students
Max 10 students
All supplies, tools, clay and glaze included.

Handbuilding with Clay Class – Butter Dish

Tuesday, January 28 & Feb 4

10:00 am – 12:30 on January 28
10:00 am – noon on Feb 4

“Hand building” is working with clay using only simple tools, not the pottery wheel. Before potters had the wheel, they were creating beautiful pots and clay forms using clay, their hands and fingers, and basic hand tools.

Sheetal Kulkarni’s award-winning pottery can be seen on her Facebook page On The Fence, or Instagram. 

Max 10 students per class. Sheetal’s classes usually sell out early. If the class you’d like to take is full, please get on the waitlist by emailing bartlesvilleartassociation@gmail.com


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