Painting with Soft Pastels with Kerri Hicks Fleming

Create luminous, rich and vibrant paintings by learning how to layer soft pastels. We will also be discussing the importance of value as well as hue as we paint still life and landscape. We will explore into the depths of these pure pigment wonders called soft pastels. Please join us! 

April 11th through May 16th
6 Thursday evenings 6:30-9pm

Adults (including high school age)
All levels including beginner

$190 for all six weeks. 


Individual classes may available for $35 per session. Contact Kerri or email if you are interested.

Students bring their own supplies: 
•Uart Paper 9″x12″ (6 sheets) 
•Their own soft pastels (Rembrandt, Sennelier, Terry Ludwig, Gallery…as long as it is a set of 24 or more of soft pastels) 
• Frog Tape


I’ve loved color and art since I was a little girl. After taking a portrait class by pastel artist, J. Alex Potter at Junior College, I was hooked on soft pastels. I love everything about this wonderful art medium!  — Kerri Hicks Fleming

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