BAA Exhibit at the Lyon Gallery in February 2019

Would you like to be one of the BAA Artists to Hang Artwork in the Lyon Gallery at the Bartlesville Community Center  for the Month of February?

The BCC has asked BAA to display hanging artwork (sorry, no tables or 3D work that isnt able to hang) for the month of February.


Dedra Morgan is chairing this show, so please contact her if you are wanting to be a part at
Here are the notes to participating:
1.  Please contact Dedra with the title and cost  of each piece you are entering by January 28th so that tags can be made to hang by each piece of art.  (remember to add 20% commission which will go to BCC if piece is sold and if you don’t want to sell any piece you hang, instead of price, mark NFS)
2.  Bring artwork to Lyon Gallery and be prepared to hang it when you get there (Dedra will have hammer and nails)  You may come between:  10am and 12pm or again between 3pm and 5pm on Friday, Feb. 1st.  If you cannot make it to the BCC during this time, you need to make arrangements with Dedra before February 1st.
3.  BAA will take responsibility for any sale of artwork.   The BAA has sales tax number and will charge tax to customer buying the piece, take out the 20% commission to BCC, and cut a check to selling artist at the end of the show.
4.  If you wish to publicize any workshops, classes, or websites, please bring business cards or one information poster to be displayed during show when you come to hang your artwork.
5.  We WILL be hosting a reception – see your emails for details.
6.  On the last day of February, Thursday, Feb. 28, you may come pick up your work at the Lyon Gallery between the hours of:  10am to 12pm or 3pm to 5pm.  Any artwork that is not picked up by 5pm will be stored at the Art Center, and you will need to make arrangement with Dedra to come pick it up at her convenience or when the Art Center is open.
We look forward to being able to help you share your wonderful art with the our community, as well as gracing the walls of the Lyon Gallery with beautiful art for the month of February.
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