Gesture Drawing with Pepper Hume

3-week series
May 22 – June 5, 2019

The first session will consist of a lecture explaining the basic structure of the human face and figure, proportions and mechanics – Nothing technical! – and the quick gesture drawing process. Subsequent sessions will build on this first one, so please don’t skip the first. 

Students will do quick, small, scribbled sketches of a model, learning how to translate to paper what they are looking at. The “secrets” of proportion, thrust, tension, and weight distribution will be revealed. Best of all, no previous drawing skill is required. 

Students do not need to bring supplies. 

$10 Materials fee will cover:
2 graphite drawing pencils (2B) newsprint pad, approx. 9”x12” 5-page handout 

Dates of Class:
3 consecutive Wednesday evenings
May 22 – June 5 
6:00 pm – 8:00pm 

Cost for BAA Members: $30.00 + $10 materials fee
Cost for non-BAA Members: $40.00 + $10 materials fee

To register: pay online here or email to reserve your spot. 


Pepper Hume

Theatre designers tend to be generalists and Pepper Hume is no exception. After a lifelong career of designing costumes and scenery in theatre, she has a wide range of artistic skills which she is ready to share.