Improve Your Painting! Christopher Westfall Workshop

April 3 & 4

Wed & Thurs

9 am - 4 pm

Please join Christopher for inspiring demonstrations, encouragement and painting. You’ll learn how to add abstract elements to your representational paintings and how to suggest rather than delineate. He’ll cover all the basic elements of creating a dynamic painting.

Christopher will also touch on the notions of confidence, procrastination, curiosity, talent, inspiration, intuition, competition and many other views on painting and the art world. There will be plenty of time for painting and creating along with individual attention and guidance. 

About this workshop Christopher says, “I will demonstrate my technique and discuss my approach to representational painting at the beginning of the class. I will cover which paints I use and why. I will talk about the other materials I use to create a painting. I will offer my opinion on composition, values, edges, color harmony, brushwork, texture, etc. … There will be a short break for lunch so you might want to bring a sandwich. Students will have the rest of the class to recreate my demo painting or create their own painting.”

Cost: $210

Ages: Adults (including high school age)
Painting experience:  All levels

About Christopher Westfall:

Christopher is a very honest and open instructor. He covers every aspect of creating his own paintings from original ideas to the finished signature and varnishing. Learn more at

Supply List

14” x 18” or 16” x 20” canvas (or one similar in size).
A variety of acrylic or oil paints. (You will be able to use some of my acrylics if you like…I will be demonstrating in acrylic).
Brushes (whatever you already use would be fine).
A container to hold water or mineral spirits (If you work in oil).
Paper towels
Reference photo for your painting if you decide to create your own.

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