Hello fellow artists,


We need your help and your art work!


HOPESTONE CANCER SUPPORT of Bartlesville is hosting its annual art show May 5th, 2019 from 4-6 PM. For this event ‘The Arts of HOPESTONE’ tickets will be sold for $50.00 per person.   This event will feature a live and silent auction from local artists. We will serve H’dourves, wine and  beverages. Our event has been very successful in the past which is why we are wanting to include more local artists.


The money raised helps the organization to continue providing to our cancer patients; wheelchairs, medical supplies, services such as transportation, prescription needs, meal assistance, educational and nutritional information. They also provide  a variety of classes free to patients, caregivers and survivors to interact with the community at no cost. Classes include, exercise classes, jewelry making, paint & pour parties and pottery.


Therefore YOUR WORK, that you donate, is put to a need that has already helped so many.  HOPESTONE  is rare, there isn’t anything like our center in the entire state of Oklahoma that provides this type of support.


Being an artist myself, I know it is difficult to get the true dollar value in return, for an item I have put so many hours into creating.  Donating to this program blesses me in a great way, knowing that my work will end up in the home of a true art lover and that people in need are receiving help, is worth the time and money spent.  Donate one item or several some of us donate 10 -15 pieces!  We will showcase your work.


A panel will decide if it’s considered art work or craft work. This is to protect you and the quality of art presented to our guests.  You will also be able to set the starting bid, this way, your work will not be given away for a price that is less than its true value.


If you are interested in joining us please contact me my name is Lauri Schlekeway, (619) 917-1113. Text or leave a voicemail. I will return your message as soon as possible. All work will be needed no later than April 12th.


Thank you! 

Lauri Schlekeway